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Only the Finest, Only the Freshest  

Why we are different from others: 

  1. The halal-ness of our products
  2. The quality of our product
  3. Recognition from our costumer and certifications
  4. Our business model
The halal-ness of our products 
Apparantly, there are some diferent opinions between scholars for determining the halalness of a product. For instance, in slaughtering, should the killing process be physically carried out by a muslim for every single animal or wether is it enough for a muslim to symbolically performs slaughtering is still a matter for disagreement. And also there are some other examples of such differences. Our policy for such kind of disagreement is, we take the strictest one possible, so every muslim has the same halal-assurance for our products. 

Especially for Azhar-branded meat prepared in Fukuoka (e.g. smoked chicken sausage, Fukuoka Beef Products and Fukuoka Chicken Products), we rigorously follow the halal-product guidelines (or local copy) from Malaysian Goverment Ministry Trade and Industry, of which for slaughtering  the guideline says: 

  1. slaughtering must be performed manually by a muslim of sound mind, mature and he fully understands the fundamentals and conditions related slaughtering.
  2. Animals to be slaughtered must be animals that are premitted(halal) to be eaten.
  3. Live animals living in their natural habitats(hayat Mustaqirrah)
  4. The respiratory tract, oesophagus (channel for taking in food) and jugular vein must be severed, and
  5. All slaughtering devices must be sharp and are not made of bones, nails and teeth.
And also there are chapters post-mortem treatments, presentation, storage, sanitation of halal products of which we strictly follow. We advise you to look at to the guidelines

In addition to the guidelines we ensure that: 
  • We slaughter every single chicken by our hand, and the death of the chicken is caused by our slaughtering actions.
  • No mixing between meat we slaughtered and any other meat. To comply this requirement, we slaughter all chickens to be slaughtered of a day, or we slaughter in the earliest, before any other chicken enters the chicken-processing-line.
  • Our slaughtering schedule is open, so that any brother/sister can validate above claims by his/her own eyes at the butcher house.
To conclude, we are fully confident that our product line will meet your halal requirements.
The Quality of Our Products 
Our local products/meat (Fukuoka chicken products, and Fukuoka Beef products), are obtained from fresh and healthy chickens/cows that have already passed severe pre/post-mortem inspections from Japanese Authority. 

We use chickens from Kumamoto Chicken Coorporation whose chickens are: 

  • The chicken is fed using special mixture nutritionss such that utilization of artificial antibody minimal.
  • The chicken of Kumamoto Chicken has been very famous for its taste, and japanese consumers of the chicken ranges from Kagoshima to Tokyo.
  • The chicken processing line is very modernized, most-fully automatized. Sanitation check is very severe making bacteria contamination is lowered into a very minimal level.
You are guaranteed to have the freshest and the highest quality chicken meat available in Japan. 
Recognition from our costumer and public certification 
We have been slaughtering chicken/cow for muslims in Fukuoka from 1992. Muslims in Kyushu area have enjoyed our halal meat from then. Our customers are also muslims living in Kanto area, Kansai area, Shikoku area and Chubu-area. Most of our costumers are demanding fresh and absolutely halal meat which are the distictive features of our products.   Alhamdulillah, by July 1999, our halal products are consumed by muslims from Kagoshima to Hokkaido. 
By end of 2000 we have costumers from Ishigaki-jima (southeren part of Okinawa) to Sapporo.

Though our products have yet no official certification for Halal-ness from Japanese Authority, we are planning to aproach Islamic Centre for such kind of certification (for your information: There is no halal-inspection authority in Japan to this date Dec 31, 2000). However, MSA-Fukuoka(KUMSA), MSA-Kagoshima, MSA-Oita etc have recognized our product halal, as those organizations are continously purchasing our products for local consumption.  And ultimately, if you wish, you are invited to verify our claims on the halal-ness of our products by coming directly to the butcher house on the slaughtering day and observing our slaughtering/processing line.

Our business model 
 This business is 100% muslim owned business. Our business is based on trust. You may make any claim if you think you have been deceived. Besides paying japanese-tax, we also paying zakat and other religious obligations on trading.
We are spending hundreds thousand of JPY for contributing to islamic activities at Fukuoka areas and other areas (especially Indonesia and Palestine).

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